Work, work, work & Books

I got bills so I’m going to work, work, work every day.

Has any one of you guys read Girl on a Train, Brain on Fire or The Martian? I was going to buy them on my Kobo before it fucked up. Literally that was the reason I even picked it up. So v v frustrating. So I’m thinking I’ll wait till I get a Kindle and get them or I’ll go try and hunt them down in the book shop when I get paid next. But I’ll probably wait for the kindle, because I don’t really have room for more books at the moment (my room is a clusterfuck) and it’s cheaper. Not for the kindle obviously but for books. Buying actual books is generally far more expensive than getting it online and if I like a book enough I do buy it again anyway, I know I’m weird. Like I really want Parasite by Mira Grant even though I have it on my Kobo account. Though now I’m going to be wishing it was on my future Kindle. Seriously f u Kobo.

Worst Blogger Ever

So a lot has happened since I last blogged and a lot of time has gone by, where did it all go? I’m the worst blogger ever and if people actually read this, I’m so sorry I suck.

Moving on, obviously it has been too long for me to go on about what has happened since December last year (again I suck), so I’ll do a quick dot point of the most important aspects (actually not that important but all I can think of).

  • My Grandfather passed away which still feels kind of surreal.
  • I got a tattoo, a semicolon. Very mainstream right now but I’ve wanted one for ages, it has a lot of meaning and there was a deal and so I jumped at the chance. Now my second tattoo.
  • Life is Strange is the best game ever, like the kind of game that really makes you think about things. Seriously if you haven’t played it and you like Square Enix, play it. The 4th episode is due to come out soon and than it will just be the final one. (I know not an event but it’s a great game.)
  • I smashed through all the Dragon Ages, they are so good! (If you haven’t already guessed I’m obsessed with video games and will talk about them a lot.)
  • I still work in Cafe, I still want to work somewhere else preferably still in a Cafe but with better opportunities. I also want to own a Cafe which I have plans about but need more experience and money. Cafe.
  • I went to Eat Street, if you don’t know what that is look up the tag on Instagram there are so many good photos, or just search it on google something probably will come up.
  • My Kobo broke and I’m really peeved about that since it was my second one so I’m thinking of trying out kindle. Just wish I could transfer over the 40 (give or take) books I already purchased.
  • I’ve been painting on my iPad more and might post some later but Dad reckons I could sell them, his exact words “people like stupid shit like that.”
  • I now own an Alienware computer so yay my space bar works, happy days.

Not exactly the most important life shattering things ever but it’s what I can remember by going through my Instagram. I also went away with friends and my brother got owned by a wave that was pretty funny. Most of the photos from all these you can find on my Instagram which should be linked on the side.

My life is actually pretty boring, but I have three weeks off starting next week and I’m hoping I can do some interesting things. Especially since I saw Paper Towns the other night and it really inspired me to want to go on a road trip. So hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to talk about. I’m also considering moving my reviews, etc, over here since I haven’t been using my other blog and one of the girls seems to have deleted her blog (or changed it) and the other never did anything in the first place (due to university). So either refurbishing it or just moving everything completely, since I still have all the documents. I don’t know, if any one reads this would you want to hear me talk about video games? Because I love talking about them! Not only that but I plan to do reviews on books, movies and even anime.

Okay, so wow.

I haven’t posted in over a month, bad blogger. I haven’t touched my other one in god knows how long as well. Ever since moving and the cruise I pretty much swapped my blog for a journal, mostly because there is only so much I can say on here where the world can view it. A bit has happened since the last time I posted so I will dot point it.

  • I got new prescription glasses (Alex Perry)
  • I started subscribing to loot crate.
  • I hate my work place more than before (new store owner).
  • I played a new game called Fantasy Life that is amazing and I might do a review on it but only if –
  • My space bar starts working because I have been slamming on it just to get it to work.
  • I went to the doctors and I have low vitamin D and iron.
  • I finished reading Naruto😦 !!

There is probs more stuff but I couldn’t be bothered thinking of it all. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of posting every day. Maybe I can find something to have this blog about, other than my ramblings. Possibly just putting my reviews up on here, instead of the other one.

By Keltoi

Why WordPress, why?

So I did do a post about my cruise but wordpress decided to fuck up and now I do not feel like retyping it because my back hurts from sitting on my bed all day playing Sunset Overdrive. Gotta love those s shaped backs. Basically I had fun, we did a lot of shit. I drank a lot but didn’t get drunk and I spent half my money only to get it back when I was paid. Maybe I will try again tomorrow. My room is a mess and I really need to clean because it makes me not want to write at all.

Moving & Cruise

So the reason I haven’t posted in a while is because I have been moving and while it was only around the corner really, we didn’t have internet for like a week and when we did get it I just didn’t post but now that I am going on the cruise tomorrow I feel like I should before I can’t again for another four days. I don’t really understand why people read this dribble, I feel like I should post about something more specific, but we shall see. It is actually like 2 in the morning so I should probably go to bed because like I said I have the cruise so this is going to be a very short post, unfortunately. Hopefully when I come back I can pick it up again and maybe have something to actually talk about.

Bored, McHappy Day & Moving

I’m so bored. It is like 11 at night, everyone has gone to bed and I am sitting up watching YT vids. My room is so messy it is killing me. I have to pack it all up so I can move house this weekend and I have work at 7 tomorrow. Not that early but honestly I just don’t want to do it, it is Cafe and I still REALLY don’t feel like working. Bleh.It will probs be the quickest shift ever though. Oh and I need to clean my fish tanks and Guinea Pig cage because I didn’t this weekend. Bad Mumma. Not only that but I am supposed to be painting Wednesday for McHappy Day plus working, plus packing, plus cleaning (not just Wednesday). BLAH!! And I know I am going to pack and clean at the last second because I am so damn lazy and always do that. Look at me here complaining while someone else is having or going to have a crappier week than me. Actually my week won’t even be crappy. I hate packing, but I love painting and get to hang out with my best friend while I do it, plus I love Cafe when I am at work even if I don’t at this very second because I don’t want to work. I’m in a weird mood.

I cooked dinner tonight, Penang chicken. I didn’t want to cook but Mum made me cause she had to take ma bro to the Doctors. He walked in the door and was like “I’m dying.” Not funny dude. Although he does have something behind his ear and the Doc doesn’t know what it is so there is that. But still! Shouldn’t joke about that sort of thing IMO.. I didn’t even eat most of it and I am pretty sure it was because I had a Big Mac after we finished Painting for the day. I still have paint on me that I thought I’d gotten off but whateves. We are painting Superman and Wonderwoman; it isn’t an amazing piece of artwork (not even farking close). But I am sure the kids won’t mind if they get to have photos taken with it.

Waiting for Brandon to come over and pick up his charger so I can go to sleep even though I am not tired but I am too bored to stay up and do something else. I only have three shifts this week because I took McHappy day off intending to volunteer (forgot I had to move over the weekend like a dummy), gave one to Edina because for some reason she didn’t get rostered on and I am assuming I was supposed to have just Monday and Sunday off but it ended up as it had. I’m not too fazed over it though because I still have over ten hours and I only have one more bill to pay for before we go on our Cruise which I have birthday money for as well. So I just need to save a bit and pay my bill and I am all sweet. No worries. Just have to resist spending all my money. Like I usually do. On junk (that I love) that fills my room where I don’t have space for it anymore. Depressing thing is, my new room is going to be even smaller.

Anyway I am going to stop talking shit tonight and hopefully go to bed soon if Brandon hurries up. Night.

Caramel Lattes, Beach, Fright Night, Game Night & Birthday

It seems to be turning into some form of tradition on this blog that I mention something about working in Café or even just work its self. As tradition dictates here we go again. Today I made the best caramel latte of one of my lovely best friend’s lives. I made it based on my own personal preferences, frothed like a Cappuccino, two sugars and two shots of caramel. So it must be pretty sweet for all you hard hitting coffee peeps especially the people who get long blacks (please tell me how you stand it). Thankfully I have been getting much better at frothing milk and as of yet I have only ever gotten compliments for my coffees. For the way I do my milk as well, I got a compliment from my Store Manager today and how good the froth looked. All in all I am pretty ecstatic. I won’t lie and say that I don’t have to work on a few things but I am happy with how far I have come. I was mostly self-taught and had a little experience from school.

IMG_0618A couple of weekends ago I went to the beach with Edina, Jake, Brock, Blake and Brandon. This is the second time that I have been to the beach and not even gone swimming but it was just too cold that day, in my opinion. The boys had a lot of fun though as they buried Brock and Blake respectively in the sand. It was actually quite amusing despite the fact that they looked like idiots doing it. Edina and I didn’t help, we took photos instead. The photo to the left is the final product of their hard labour and the head is my little brother. I can’t remember the name of the beach we went to but the start of the day was somewhat a bust, first we had to wait for someone who never showed up (he slept in) and then Brandon and I waited a good bit for the others to actually find the beach. They had somehow ended up at a completely different one to us.

Fright NightFright Night this year was amazing. We went last weekend and I loved it. Poor Edina was terrified when we walked through the Cannibal Clown Maze and cried after getting chased down by two of the Clowns. Sad to say but I laughed. I felt bad about it but I definitely laughed. The best bit was when Jake hugged her and one of the Clowns said something along the lines of “Aw… He can’t save you.” At first I was like wow can’t believe he said that when she is crying but man it was still funny. We went through two other mazes and my favourite was the Ripper Maze, all thanks to the amazing actors and their lovely accents. I didn’t find any of the mazes scary but I think that is thanks to my love of horror movies, which started at a pretty young age courtesy of movies like 13 Ghosts, Ghost of Mars and Resident Evil (2002). Though I won’t lie and say that if you jump out at me it won’t get my heart pumping. I got a Blood Pack drink which was red cordial and two shirts, one of which was Fright Night related.

CardsThe next night after Fright Night Edina had a game night at her house which was basically us playing a ‘the Walking Dead’ board game and Cards against Humanity. We waited until Adam arrived before we started playing Cards against Humanity and when he finally did we lost the board game purposely in order start CAH. Some of them were extremely hilarious, others not so much and some I wouldn’t have picked as winners. Surprisingly Edina was the winner and I say that in a nice way. Adam placed second at 17 and me at third with 16. All in all it was a good night but I had to end it somewhat early because of work the next morning. Forever the friend who has work the next morning.

The Wednesday just passed was my Birthday. I spent the whole day at home by myself, bored as hell. I only got a few presents since I was already aware of what my Parents had gotten me but they also gave me a photo book filled with pictures of me from when I was younger to now. My younger brother threw a $50 note at me when he got home and little sister got me a pair of earrings that I adore. Mum got Chinese for dinner from my favourite place, which was delicious as per usual. It was quiet but I didn’t mind so much, as you get older Birthdays seem far less important.

At the moment I am watching Penny Dreadful so I will leave it there. I had a few more things I wanted to write about but this post is already long enough. Goodnight!!

Phone, Barista and Line Play

Finally got a phone, can’t remember if I mentioned it but I haven’t had a phone for a couple of weeks or so I think. I smashed the screen ages ago and when I got it fixed it had lines all through it. That progressively got worse until it got to the point that I couldn’t even use it. It would cost me $800 to get a new phone altogether and not sure how much to get it fixed. I’ll have to find that out.  At the moment I am using my Mums old Samsung 3, which isn’t too bad. I just miss having a nice camera. So for now I guess I’ll keep using my iPad for that.

Today I had a Cafe shift again and it was really quiet but despite that the shift went really quickly, which I found surprising. I even had moments where I was just hanging there wondering what I should do next because I didn’t really have all that much to do and I wasn’t getting orders. So by the time four swung around my Cafe section looked pretty nice, if I do say so myself. I’d done all the pull, waste, dishes and wiped down the benches. Stocked up everything, the fridge was full and someone had swept the floors for me. I didn’t do my mid shift chores but that was because we didn’t have any delimer so oh well. I’ll be doing mid shift again tomorrow because I swapped with someone. One of the guys at work showed me how to steam the milk so it came out really nice and smooth, so I started doing that today and I think my Coffee skills are getting better. Yay! I love being a Barista.

Spent all night using Line Play instead of cleaning my room like I had planned to but that app is addicting and some of the conversations are so funny. Still I am feeling pretty lazy. Unfortunately/fortunately I have a hairdresser’s appointment after work tomorrow so I probably won’t do it again. I’m going to get an ombre for something new. Just hope it doesn’t look like shit like some do. Crossing my fingers.

Cafe & Samurai Champloo

Had my Cafe close today and oh my god it was hectic. I didn’t expect there to be so many customers coming through. I didn’t have enough time to pull food and every time I cleaned a section it ended up looking messy again. Lucky for me one of my work mates who finishes at 12pm said he would grab the food, clean the  coffee machines again (although I did do those as well) and hopefully just keep it tidy if they do get any coffees. I’m hoping he does have the time to do it all especially since I have my 6:30-10am shift tomorrow in Cafe where I help the Barista who is on for open. Otherwise I will be apologising profusely and probably running around like a nutter. Can’t say I am a fan of close but it is better than the old section. Which I am back to again this week. I just want to do only Cafe shifts from now on but I doubt they will let me because I am just so awesome in other places as well. (I might be slightly exaggerating but also I’m not really, I do get a great many compliments for my work because I am ace.) Anyway enough of that bragging.

mugen-samurai-champloo1Came home this morning and finished watching Samurai Champloo, wanted to play music on my laptop and realised I forgot my iPod and headphones at Brandon’s house. It was like instant bad mood. I’m hoping I can get them tonight; otherwise I will be grabbing them after work tomorrow. I’d rather not wait that long, I like listening to music in bed and it bugs me if it is out loud. Samurai Champloo is so good though. I have a love/hate relationship with the end but I won’t spoil anything on the off chance you have never seen it before. Mugen is definitely my favourite character, he is such a badass and his fighting style is so damn awesome to watch.

I really wish I had more interesting things to talk about, like travelling or if I had a really awesome job. But I don’t. Either way somehow I am interesting enough to have 40 followers, so thanks for reading guys.

Reviews & Tom Tom

TomI spent all of the time that I have been at home today either flouncing around or writing reviews. I got two done completely; one anime review and a game one. I’m thinking of doing more tonight before I go to sleep but that depends on how I feel after Brandon picks me up. I actually don’t really have anything else to write about tonight. I’m boring sometimes (all time).

Have a photo of Tom Tom since he is so darn cute. This was how he was sleeping last night after I gave him scratches. He is Brandons family cat. So adorable.