Gender Reveal Party

Went to my boyfriends sisters gender reveal party today and she is having a boy. I was hoping it would be a girl but either way it is exciting. Apparently Locky, their oldest was so upset that he looked like he was going to cry because he was really hoping it would be a girl. Such a cutie. Speaking of which he called me his aunty today, even though he was claming that Brandon and I were the worst Uncle and Aunty while we were mucking around it actually made me really happy to hear him refer to me as his Aunty. We convinced him that we were the best after we tickled him. :P I wasn’t sure what to expect after I got back together with Brandon and I am pretty sure Lucas is scared of me since he hadn’t seen me since he was a little bub. Kind of depressing when I think back to how he slept on my chest when we looked after him once, etc, but I guess it is to be expected. So excited for when the new baby comes though as well.

I was late getting there because Brandon decided to ditch me to find my own way there and I got ready late because Kaitlyn had to get ready for work. I didn’t want to go looking all messy like I normally do but I think I did anyway because I wanted to curl my hair and it might have went a little crazy but oh well.

The Geeky Chef

Sweet RollsI was looking up Pumpkin Pasties yesteday because I wanted to know how to spell it, I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be ‘pasty’s’ or ‘pasties’.  I think the answer to that question is pretty obvious. The point is I found this blog called the The Geeky Chef which is pretty great. I’ll get to that in a minute though. I was scrolling through and found a recipe for sweetsrolls, if you don’t know they are from the Elder Scrolls games (one of my favourite game series). And honestly if you don’t know there is probably no point in you reading this part so maybe skip ahead unless you are really curious, of course. I went to look through the comments and saw this. I might be lame but I found it really amusing. Anyone who has played Skyrim will get it. The knee joke is so over done but sometimes I find something that actually makes me laugh a little.

ButterbeerI really want to try the butterbeer recipe they had on The Geeky Chef as well, since I am yet to find one that I enjoy. If I do get around to it, I’ll put up a post about it and whether or not it tasted good.


Okay so I am feeling a bit better than I have been lately, not as tired. I am still tired but not as bad. But that isn’t the point of today’s post, I did have something specific I wanted to say but then I realised how insignificant it all is and how that lady at work today who pissed me off and treated my work mates like shit is just a bitch and a small speck in the grand scheme of things. I’ll forget about her soon. It is a scary thought how we can just forget those details of our life. I don’t remember what I was like when I was younger, how my friends were like, why I liked the guy I did. Not any of it and it is freaky. I’ll do something now and think I am going to forget this soon, I won’t even remember what I was doing today. If I wasn’t typing this down right now I wouldn’t know that I was listening to a piano version of Vogel im Käfig on YT. Or that my lips were overly dry, my room is a mess, my hair is curly or how one of my nails snapped the other day and it hurts when I slam it on the keys. I won’t remember how I feel right this second. It’s incredible. Sometimes I wish I could remember it all, every minuscule detail of my life and the people around me. But I would imagine that could be somewhat painful at times. If something’s upsetting me I know that eventually I will forget or maybe it just will cease to make me sad. I guess the things that strike us as significant are the memories that stay with us but occasionally someone will tell me something that has happened and I’ll be put off that I’d forgotten that, especially the happy memories. I can remember so clearly how it felt when I was struggling with certain events of my life but I can’t remember a happy moment with my best friend when I was younger. It is bothersome. But I guess that is just how life goes.

I feel like I need to get off my arse and figure out what I want to do with my life. Otherwise I feel like I am just wasting my time. And that isn’t really okay when you think about it.

Morning Shifts and Still Tired!!

Still pretty tired but I have been more productive today. I had a short Cafe shift this morning until ten and then I went home and had a nap because once again I went to sleep at a dumb time (I don’t help myself). After that I was reading some of Blue Exorcist before I cleaned the kitchen, tidied (kinda) my room and started the washing. I kept reading and even made myself some lunch instead of eating complete junk.

The night not so much though, I fell asleep by accident again I had meant to set up a spot of my bed so I could sit with my laptop and watch a movie but instead I fell asleep while thinking of a movie I wanted to watch. When I woke up I didn’t feel like moving so I started reading and was having trouble even keeping my eyes opens. I’ve had stomach aches, back pains and just overly feeling like crap and I am over it because I always seem to have something wrong with me.

I really don’t want to do my shift tomorrow, I seriously don’t get how people do early morning shifts all the time and I am sort of one of those people. I just don’t usually do too many of them in a row. I am doing my fifth one tomorrow and pared with feeling like crap and getting up before the damn sun is even up so I can deal with customers who are shitty about being awake (Like seriously guys I’m at Motherfucking work!) I’m just really dreading it. Especially since I could be taking orders tomorrow, I probably will be taking orders tomorrow. And I have nearly all the same shifts to look forward to next week. I wanted to call in sick but I feel bad doing that so I tried to see if anyone wanted it or wanted to swap and out of 69 people who are on our Shift Swap FB page, no one responded. So I guess I am getting up at four, so I can feel shitty at work instead of in my nice warm bed because after ten I just don’t like the idea of fucking them around. I’m just hoping I don’t feel worse tomorrow if I do and work is REALLY bad I might get them to try and fill like half of it.

I am probably going to put on a movie now and go to sleep so I am not too tired tomorrow (even though all the sleep in the world doesn’t seem to make me feel any less tired). Sorry my last two posts have been sooky. I just am so intensely tired lately that it is bringing my mood down as well.

Tired, Tired, Tired!!

Now the word looks weird to me, kinda like when you say it over and over again and then it starts sounding funny. Haha.


So much tiredness all the time lately! I get home and I want to sleep, I sit down and I feel all heavy. It is really starting to frustrate me. Especially since I have worked every day this week so far bar Monday so I am basically sleeping and working. Not an ideal way to spend my time. And I don’t even mean to I’ll start watching a movie or doing something that involves sitting, next thing I know I am waking up startled because I fell asleep. Even right now doing something that requires me to be focusing on something I feel like I could just pass out. I don’t feel like doing anything at the moment. I’m going to go to the doctor on Sunday to see if it is because I have anaemia since the last time I went they said they were surprised I didn’t. Gave me tablets so I wouldn’t end up with it and I took them for a couple of weeks or so and stopped. I really hate going to the doctors because they are always just like take all the blood!

I don’t even feel like continuing this post tonight so I might do a proper one tomorrow morning when I finish work. Or not. But I will try to make sure I do.

iPad & Harry Potter

Typing this up on my iPad and it feels a little awkward so I won’t be doing a long post. I went to comic con yesterday and I didn’t feel like it was anything special. I did a short post about it on Before it’s Over if you want to see. I did end up getting a few things which I mentioned in the post and that I may post about in the morning.

IMG_0300.PNGI found a manga the other day, a Harry Potter one that was funny and cute. So I thought I would post about it since I have nothing of interest to say. I’ve been feeling really lethargic, sick and have had back aches so I have been putting things off. In the photo I have posted you can see Hermione throwing a book at Malfoy by the way and I can’t remember the name but if you want it just comment and I’ll find it again. They are only short stories however.

Tonight Alive & Slytherin

MeWent to a concert/gig whatever last night to see Tonight Alive and some other bands that were okay and one not so great in my opinion. It was alright, it is interesting to see how people are when watching a band and also a little surreal. I just kept thinking how weird it is to just stand there (or dance as people do) and watch someone playing music. I mean I have been to two concerts both Pink ones (my Mum loves her) but she always has all kinds of crap happening on stage for this one it was just them playing/singing so it felt weird. It was an interesting experience to say the least but I hate dancing or jumping up and down, waving my arms pointlessly in the air so I couldn’t really get into it like others. Apparently I gave Brandon a funny look when he started jumping up and down so he stopped but I didn’t realise I think I was just surprised to see him doing it. Plus it looked like he was gonna knock the girl behind us over. I was watching this one chick dancing, pulling her hair up and then swinging it around when she lets go, she looked like she was trying to be sexy but she just looked funny to me. I would have been so embarrassed to dance like that. But that is just me.


I am going to Comicon tomorrow and I am supposed to be dressing up as a Slytherin which I am kind of a bit funny about because the costume isn’t exactly right. The white shirt is striped, the sleeves are too small, the skirt and tie are fine and I will be wearing stockings. I am going to wear my converse since I don’t have any plain school looking shoes. It was a last minute throw together so I’ll just be happy with what I have at the moment. One day I plan to have the proper costume. Other ones I want would be the Attack on Titan uniform and an Alice Madness Returns one would be awesome as well, other than I can’t really imagine myself in other costumes. Maybe armour ones since I want to make the Skyrim Nightingale armour but otherwise not so much. I am the kind of person who would only one to cosplay characters I look like so I prefer going for ones where I can just be me and not have to have specific hair, eye colour, etc. Such as with the Slytherin one I am not going as a specific Slytherin.

Anyway I am going to sleep since I may have to go to bed early. Night!


Face Q, Back Aches, Art Work and Family Dilemmas

FaceSo I found this amazing new app today! I am probably over exaggerating and it isn’t really that great but omg I spent ages playing around with it this afternoon. So either “small things amuse small minds” is relevant in this case or it is at least a little bit good. I am not sure what the full name is but I searched Face Q. I started off with making myself and then I did Brandon and me. And then Jess and me in cosplay and then Edina and I with cute hats. The little characters are so adorable, I ended up showing Dad and he just goes “You know you can probably draw that right?” I was just like “that isn’t the point!” I could draw it but it is fun playing with the app as well. (I’ll post some of my Artwork in a sec.) I made like heaps more but I couldn’t be bothered showing anymore, I even have them as my DP for facey & IG because I don’t have an up to date photo. :3

So the reason I haven’t posted for the past week was because I hurt my back or pinched a nerve something so I just didn’t feel like sitting in front of a computer at all. Plus I had late night shifts and that is usually when I do post unless I am really bored during the day. I was supposed to work tonight and have tomorrow off but I swapped shifts with someone thanks to a lovely family issue tonight so now I have to get up in like four hours. Someone asked me if it was past my bed time the other night because I usually do morning shifts I was just like do you guys realise that I am usually working on a couple hours sleep then nap during the day. I feel most awake at this time of night for some reason.

BirdHere is the art work as promised, I wouldn’t say this was my best ever effort but it was my latest piece. I was mostly just practicing because I had just gotten some new apps on my iPad. I sat there for hours just trying out different things. I love when I get back into doing something like this. Same as writing I will stop for a bit and then I love it again. It is the best feeling in the world to watch the progress of something you have created, in my opinion anyway.


Athena, Clean Room & Record Players

AthenaPicked Athena up from the Vet today, I forgot to mention that she went in yesterday so she could get X-rays, it turns out that the reason she was limping is because of growing pains which is a common thing with German Shepherds. Brandon forked out $200 and had to get a loan of $500 approx. just so they could tell us it was growing pains. The joys and tribulations of owning a dog I suppose. Either way I’m just happy to know she is okay and better safe than sorry. As we were driving home she kept laying her head in my lap, I felt all nostalgic for when she was a little Puppy and could fit on my lap. She was so damn cute, although don’t get me wrong she has grown to be quite a gorgeous dog but if I had to choose her size I would definitely choose one that didn’t bowl me over. (She once pulled me over while I was holding her collar and I hit the ground so hard Mum was worried I’d shattered my knee when she heard me fall. I’ve literally never broken or shattered anything in my life so it would have made for an interesting experience.)

10599715_10202588461854390_6339148981652902067_nI also spent half the day cleaning my room and reading in between, I’m up to the third Shopaholic book now. I finally finished my room like an hour ago, my back is hurting like a bitch (I have scoliosis my spine is shaped like an S I find it slightly amusing because my name starts with an S, I am lame like that), the dust killed me and I ended up 10408945_10202588461334377_3041711461505814955_nhaving to fix my bed because for some reason or another half of the screws were hanging out. I finally found a place for the piles of books that had been sitting on my floor and I had four rubbish bags full of old crap I had left around. My room looks so nice and I set up my new bed stuff so apparently my room looks like a girl’s as Mum pointed out when I came in and found her staring around funnily. I proceeded to point out all the things in my room that could be considered girly such as Eren’s tank which has pink and white rocks, ornaments and my clothes.

Lana del reyDecided to use my record player as I was cleaning my room, I played my R.E.M record and my Lana Del Rey one. I don’t even know half the songs on them to be honest I think I recognised two of R.E.M’s songs but I don’t care because I just adore the unique sound of a record playing. I was surprised at how quickly they finished though and resorted to playing music on my laptop (Fallout and Fallout New Vegas music) but that playlist finished quickly as well so I am just going to assume that it was because I was so focused on cleaning my room (heh).

Brandon decided to stay over tonight instead of getting me to go to his house again which I am happy about because I just want to chill in my nice clean room. All I need to do is vacuum the floors tomorrow and I am done. Feels kind of pointless though since we will be moving soon anyway but the carpet cleaners are coming tomorrow so I cleaned it.

Work, Sleep, Confessions of a Shopaholic & Favourites

Today was pretty great. Apparently my Managers have been talking about moving me up. If Brandon can get an apprenticeship I just have to work for three more years at this place and then I can focus on trying to do what I want. I’m pretty excited, I like being good at my Job. I just have to learn a few more things and I am all good to go.

Confessions_of_a_shopaholic_filmI don’t really have much else to talk about today. I was working in the morning, sleeping in the afternoon because I only had a few hours’ sleep and reading the book series that Confessions of a Shopaholic (a movie if you didn’t get that) is based off by Sophie Kinsella. Might seem a bit of an odd choice for me if you know me really well but I like all sorts of genres. Same with movies, my favourites are definitely horror (I used to hire out horror movies every week and just chill out and watch them all) but I also enjoy chick flicks. I play games like Mass Effect and Skyrim and then I’ll play Animal Crossing. I have a few of the top hits and then I have music that is apparently weird, as my friends continue to insist. I like what I like.


Movies: The Conjuring, The Hobbit & He’s Just Not That Into You

Books: Newsflesh Trilogy, Parasite & Memoirs of a Geisha

TV Series: Walking Dead, Firefly & Game of Thrones

Games: Mass Effect, Skyrim, Resident Evil 6, Fallout, Beyond Two Souls, Tomb Raider, Alice: Madness Returns, Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, Animal Crossing, Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter & Pokemon. (I’ll stop there otherwise we could be here all night.)

Anime: Naruto, Fairy Tail, FLCL, Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Beyond the Boundary & Nagi no Asukara. (Same as above, this is all I can think of right now.)

Music: (I’m just going to quit while we are ahead.)